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22 February 2024

First Standardized Material Testing of 2PP 3D-Printed Parts

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22 February 2024

First Standardized Material Testing of 2PP 3D-Printed Parts

UpNano printers and resins for macroscopic test specimens. Superior properties compared to conventional resin-based 3D printing.

UpNano_Customer Event 2023
19 January 2024

2PP 3D-Printer Market: UpNano Successfully Meets Global Demand for Unmet Speed, High Resolution & Great Flexibility

Strong need for NanoOne series of printers continued in 2023. Strong growth in US market. Unmet needs in a range of industries identified.

Manuel Luitz
7 November 2023

New Possibilities of 2PP 3D-Printing Demonstrated by Leading Process Technology Laboratory

Production of embedded microfluidic chips as well as tungsten and platinum microstructures with (sub-)micron resolution possible with UpNano's NanoOne printer

UpNano birthday cake
5 September 2023

UpNano’s 2PP 3D-Printing Journey: Five Years on Course to High-Resolution Printing Excellence

Pioneering Technology by UpNano Continues to Bridge the Gap Between Individual and Serial Production Since Its Inception in 2018

Logo für PA
24 July 2023

‘Human inks’ to 3D printing human tissues

HU3DINKS project brings together expert companies for the development of human tissue-based inks

UpNano_Lattice structure
12 June 2023

Set of Bioinks Allows Complex High-Resolution Bio-Structures from Micro- to Meso-Scale

Cooperation of UpNano and BIO INX yields further advancement: Two-stage 3D-printing of organ-on-chip devices with encapsulated live cells is possible.

13 December 2022

New 3D-Printing Material and Fastest High Precision Printer Create Human Body-Like Micro-Environment

Fast & reliable production of cell-culture device for IVF with new material and NanoOne-printer

UpThermo powered by Cubicure
27 October 2022

Micro 3D Printing With Heat-Resistant Material Now Possible

High-performance polymers for use in high-temperature range developed by Cubicure and UpNano for 2PP 3D printing.

24 August 2022

Tilt Compensation Maximizes Precision in 2PP 3D-Printing

World-wide first substrate holders with tilt compensation function presented by UpNano GmbH. Entire surfaces of wafers up to 4-inch accessible for printing.

UpNano Management Team (from left) Henrik Akesson (CBO), Denise Hirner (COO), Anton Travnicek (CFO), Erika Bechtold (VP US), Bernhard Küenburg (CEO), Peter Gruber (CTO)
5 July 2022

Fresh Capital Boosts Innovation and Use in Serial Production

UpNano further strengthens R&D and US expansion with capital increase

25 February 2022

European Innovation Leader in 2PP 3D-Printing Tackles US-Market

UpNano GmbH triples sales and uses strong finances to strengthen position at US market

UpNano: printed micro lenses
12 October 2021

Novel Material Allows 2PP 3D Printing of Non-Transmissive (Black) Structures

Powerful laser by UpNano polymerizes innovative black material. Combined with new translucent material, 3D printing of entire optical systems possible

UpNano NanoOne Bio
13 April 2021

Co-innovation of Bioink and Powerful 2Photon Bio-Printer Allows 3D-Printing of Living Cells for Bioapplications with Unprecedented Precision

Cell models mimicking natural tissue topography herald new era for biomedical research

Group photo: UpNano Management Team
12 January 2021

High potential of 2PP 3D-printing

Exceptional Versatile & Innovative Printing-System Successfully Established in Both, Industry and Academia

Photo: miniature models of Eiffel Tower in three sizes
10 September 2020

Precise and fast

More laser power allows faster production of ultraprecise polymeric parts across 12 orders of magnitude.

Photo: Test specimens
27 May 2020


UpNano prints cm-sized test specimens for material characterization according to ISO standards.

Logo: Vienna Business Agency
2 March 2020


Vienna business agency funds a cooperation project of UpNano and TU Wien for the development of micromechanical tests for high-resolution photopolymers.

Logo: austria wirtschafts service
31 January 2020


AWS seed financing awarded to UpNano. First tranche was paid out in early 2020.

Photo: Incubation system inside NanoOne
14 November 2019


First ultrafast high-resolution 3D printing system NanoOne installed.

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UpNano nominated for the Austrian National Award in the category Innovation

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Winner category "idea of the year" and 4th place in the overall ranking
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6th place
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Winner category "prototype"

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Winner "start-up of the year"
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Finalist "Science start-up of the year"
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