Perfect materials for demanding applications

UpNano’s high performance 2-photon materials are optimized to utilize the full potential of the ultrafast high-resolution NanoOne printing system. UpNano offers photopolymers and sol-gel hybrid materials, in addition to hydrogel materials for biological applications including materials tested for in-vitro cytotoxicity according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

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2-photon resin

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Fast prototyping
2-photon resin

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Refractive index-matched
2-photon resin

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Sol-gel hybrid
2-photon resin


Low transmissive
2-photon resin

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Low fluorescent
2-photon resin


Low viscosity and low

2-photon resin

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2-photon material


silica slurry

material portfolio

Standard production

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High performance 2-photon resin
Functional parts, fully poly­merized after printing, autoclavable, non-cytotoxic*

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Fast prototyping 2-photon resin
Ultrafast printing, prototyping resin, allows increased layer spacing

Optically transperent

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Ultralow-fluorescent 2-photon resin
Optically highly transparent, ultralow autofluorescence, transmission down to 350 nm, UV post-curing required, non-cytotoxic


Low-viscosity, low-fluorescent 2-photon resin
Optically transparent, low fluorescence and viscosity, UV post-curing required, for printing microfluidics, channels ≤50 μm, non-­cytotoxic*

High-resolution applications

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Sol-gel hybrid 2-photon resin
Thin film resin, for spin-coating or drop-casting, 2.5D and micro 3D structures, printing of overhangs, free-floating structures

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Refractive index-matched 2-photon resin
Highest resolution printing, used in vat mode, 2.5D and micro 3D structures

Special applications

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High-temperature 2-photon resin
Great mechanical stiffness, exceptionally high heat deflection temperature (HDT-B) >300°C, high-temperature applications, non-cytotoxic*


Low-transmissive 2-photon resin
Light blocking for UV-VIS, transparent to NIR and IR, optically black non-transparent appearance, non-cytotoxic*


2-photon silica slurry
material properties of fused silica glass, exceptionally high thermal, chemical resilience, excellent mechanical properties, high optical transmission

* Certified according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009

We are open
when it comes to material

In addition to the materials offered, commercially available resins and established 2PP printing materials can be used with the printing system. The UpNano material experts are happy to assist in the selection of materials or the development of customer-specific materials.

UpThermo powered by Cubicure

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The UpThermo material was co-developed by UpNano and Cubicure. It is the first heat- and impact-resistant 2PP printing material on the market. The priority Hot Lithography® technology, which has been successfully integrated into the NanoOne printing systems, enables the printing of the highly viscous material in the usual high 2PP quality and resolution.

UpNano UpThermo material

Gelatin-based hydrogel resin
Cell interactive, gelatin type B-based hydrogel, derived from natural collagen. Unique two-component bioresin enabling printing in the presence of living cells with low auto­fluoresence. Suitable for light- and laser-scanning microscopy, biodegradable and non-cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5).

Key properties

Supports cell encapsulation, adhesion and proliferation.

Production under strict quality control.

Enables cellular remodelling of the printed matrix.

Easy handling
Delivered in a ready-to-use kit containing a concentrated stock solution, dilution buffer, developer and crosslinker for 10 prints in the presence or absence of cells. Ready for printing in 10 min.


Polyester-based, biodegradable resin
Robust, biodegradable thin-film material (2–5 years), solid state cross-linking: suitable for both bottom-up and top-down printing. Extremely high resolution (<500 nm), supports overhangs, for cell seeding, non-­cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5).


Technical thin-film hydrogel
Bioinert, synthetic hydrogel material for bottom-up and top-down printing with high mechanical integrity. No structural deformation in aqueous medium, due to low water absorption capacity. Suitable for cell seeding, non cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5).


Synthetic, technical hydrogel
Bioinert, mechanically robust, soft and flexible hydrogel resin. Orange-red viscous liquid, allowing for VAT mode or in-chip printing. White flexible solid after development in dry state. Opaque when swollen in water. SEM imaging compatible because of its drying and rehydrating properties. Suitable for cell seeding, non-degradable, non cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5).

Dispensing, the clean and precise way

The UpNano resins are supplied in practical resealable cartridges. With the help of manual or automatic dispensing systems, the material can be dispensed into the material vat or substrate with high precision and without dripping.