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31 January 2020

AWS Seed Financing awarded to UpNano

Vienna, February 1st, 2020 – After the successful start of UpNano in September 2018 with the support of AWS Pre-Seed funding, the young high-tech company has now been awarded the prestigious AWS Seed financing. Encouraged by a first successful business year, UpNano presented their business concept to the AWS Seed board late 2019, which was received positively received. Since then, all formalities have been finalized and the first tranche was paid out in early 2020.

“We are very happy and honored about the positive decision of the AWS Seed board”, says Bernhard Küenburg, CEO of UpNano. “It is not only an acknowledgement of the work that has been done by the UpNano team in the past year, but it also allows us to speed up the development of our technology.”

UpNano has successfully developed a high-resolution printing system, based on the principal of 2-photon polymerization. The first commercially installed NanoOne system was successfully put into operation at the Medical University of Vienna in late September 2019. For the first time, the NanoOne combines highest resolution with unmatched high throughput rates. Thus, not only extremely precise structures down to 200 nm, but also mesoscale part with a height of up to 45 mm can be manufactured. Something, which is unparalleled in this filed.

In parallel with the establishment of the company, the technical team of UpNano under the lead of the co-founder Peter Gruber, is constantly working to push the technical development and implement new features to increase speed and precision even further.


Founded in September 2018 as a spin out of the TU Wien, UpNano is a Vienna-based high-tech company with the focus on development, manufacturing and commercialization of high-resolution 3D printing systems based on 2-photon polymerization. With the first commercial product, the printing system NanoOne, microparts with structure details down to 200 nm can be printed. Due to the very fast printing process, also meso scale parts up to several centimeters in height can be realized.