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Where precision meets economic efficiency

NanoOne is the fastest high-resolution 3D printing system on the market. It is based on multiphoton lithography and combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with an unmatched throughput of up to >450 mm³ per hour. This makes the system suitable not only for scientific research approaches and multi-user facilities but also for the batch and small series production of industrially applied microparts.

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High-resolution 3D printing system based on a galvanometer scanner

Fabrication of polymeric parts from micro to macroscale

High-resolution bioprinting in the presence of living cells

Prototyping, batch and small series production

Material vats for parts with up to 40 mm in height

Exchangeable stage inserts


The right solution for every application

NanoOne printing systems are offered in a ready-to-use standard configuration but can be customized with additional modules to meet specific customer requirements. These modules can also be retrofitted at any later time.

Perfect materials for demanding applications

UpNano’s high performance 2-photon materials are optimized to utilize the full potential of the ultrafast high-resolution NanoOne printing system. UpNano offers photopolymers and sol-gel hybrid materials, in addition to hydrogel materials for biological applications including materials tested for in-vitro cytotoxicity according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

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2-photon resin

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Fast prototyping
2-photon resin

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Refractive index-matched
2-photon resin

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Sol-gel hybrid
2-photon resin


Low transmissive
2-photon resin

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Low transmissive
2-photon resin


Low viscosity and low
2-photon resin

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2-photon resin


silica slurry

Heat-resistant material for 2PP 3D printing

Heat- and impact-resistant photopolymer developed together with Cubicure and optimized for UpNano printing technology enabling high-resolution and high-temperature applications of micro components. HDT-B of up to 300 °C. The test specimens were printed with a length of 35 mm.

UpThermo powered by Cubicure
Photo: person working modeling a 3D castle on an computer using THINK 3D software

High-performance, easy-to-use software

Print job files including all parameter settings

Predefined print profiles for optimal results

Series production of identical or different objects

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One printer, one software

Whether predefined basic structures or customized CAD objects, NanoOne is the system of choice for a broad range of high-resolution applications. The intuitive THINK3D user software supports the customer throughout the entire printing process.

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Customer satisfaction and  efficient operation

Sharing know-how to make new customers experts

Every customer is unique and so are our printing systems

On-site or remote advice and support

We have the right contact person and solution for every problem

Customer service is one of the most important elements for us. The interdisciplinary UpNano team is ready to assist with any of your requests.