Precision and economic efficiency

NanoOne is the fastest high-performance system on the market. It is based on multiphoton lithography and combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with unmatched throughput. The patented process enables the batch production of microparts with highest resolution and complexity.



High-resolution desktop printing system with sub-micron resolution.

With 700x580x610 mm our desktop printing system is not only suitable for industrial production halls but also fits in the narrowest lab. NanoOne enables economic production of polymer parts from micro to mesoscale.



Up to a 100 times higher throughput for short production cycles.

The patented printing process of NanoOne combines highest resolution with unmatched throughput for the first time, enabling new application possibilities and production approaches.



High power laser for mesoscale fabrication and biological applications.

Despite the high power our laser is gentle to cells, enabling not only the fabrication of precise and complex mesoscale structures but also bioprinting in the presence of living cells.


Designed with biological applications in mind

The biocompatible 2-photon 3D printing process in combination with optimized  materials facilitate cell, tissue and biofabrication approaches. Living cells of choice can be mixed into the material and printed directly or seeded on sterile, pre-fabricated scaffold structures.

One printer, one software

THINK3D supports the customer throughout the printing process. All steps can be defined and controlled with our integrated software solution, helping to avoid typical sources of error. Whether predefined basic structures or customized CAD objects, NanoOne is the system of choice for a broad range of high-resolution applications.

All necessary data are processed in real time, improving the manageability of the system by keeping stored data to the absolute minimum. The printing process can be started immediately, without pre-processing of imported files.


Perfect materials for demanding applications

UpNano’s high performance 2-photon materials are engineered and optimized to utilize the full potential of the ultrafast high-resolution NanoOne printing system. In addition to hydrogel materials for biological applications, UpNano offers photopolymers and sol-gel hybrid materials.



Universal performance material for ultrafast fabrication of parts ranging from micro to mesoscales with delicate features including undercuts and micropores.



Sol-gel hybrid material for complex overhanging structures with sub-micron resolution and low shrinkage.



Gelatin-based hydrogel material for biocompatible applications and bioprinting.


Our expertise, your benefit

In order to establish industrial production processes of microparts, UpNano offers customized feasibility studies. We support our customers from the first sketch to the final implementation, pooling the know-how and experience in  3D printing and making it available to every one of our clients.

Technical and application support

UpNano’s service packages guarantee our customers fast response times, maximum utilization of the NanoOne printing system and highest part quality.