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One printer, one software

Whether predefined basic structures or customized CAD objects, NanoOne is the system of choice for a broad range of high-resolution applications. The intuitive THINK3D user software supports the customer throughout the entire printing process.

High-performance, easy-to-use software

Print job files including all parameter settings

Predefined print profiles for optimal results

Series production of identical or different objects

3D preview of the created print job

Real-time processing of data without time-consuming preprocessing

Adaptive resolution for highest resolution where needed

Integrated, automated monitoring of machine

Advanced logging feature including user accounts

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Part design

Every design can be unique
In addition to customized CAD objects, structures can be created with predefined parameterized objects in THINK3D. Arrays of identical or different objects can be created in one print job. In addition to basic geometric objects, additional features such as the lens or gyroid modules are available to the user. A 3D preview of the designed print job is displayed.

More features

Import of STL files

  • Created with a design program of choice

Predefined structures

  • Parametric objects
  • Channeled elements
  • Arrays
  • Priorities

Additional software modules

  • Gyroid module
  • Lens module
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Predefined or individually adapted, the customer decides
Print jobs can be created using predefined print profiles. These profiles match the respective objective-material combination and guarantee fast print results with excellent quality. Parameters of different objects can be defined as well as a parameter gradient within an object. In addition, with the "custom data" function the software offers the possibility to individually adjust the parameters.

More features

Print profiles & customized parameters

  • Part dimension
  • Part alignment and positioning
  • Laser power
  • Energy distribution
  • Scan velocity
  • Stitching
  • Overlap
  • Outline mode
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Live view

Full visibility of the process
The two integrated camera systems not only provide a live image during the printing process but also form the basis of the integrated autofocus system and enable easy re-alignment of prefabricated structures. One camera delivers the image of the current print layer through the microscope objective, the second one provides an image of the building platform from above.

More features

In focus

  • 2 MPixel sample camera
  • 5 MPixel top-view camera
  • Fluorescence-based autofocus system
Photo: NanoOne with half-completed status light

Real-time printing

Start the print job without preslicing
All necessary data are processed in real time, improving the manageability of the system by keeping stored data to the absolute minimum. The printing process can be started immediately, without preprocessing of imported files. The software automatically verifies the mounted objective (and material vat if applicable) via barcodes and checks whether the defined parameters match the equipment in use.

More features

The right settings

  • Barcode scanner
  • Objectives labeled with barcodes
  • Vats labeled with barcodes