Heat-resistant material for 2PP 3D printing

Heat- and impact-resistant photopolymer developed together with Cubicure and optimized for UpNano printing technology enabling high-resolution and high-temperature applications of micro components. HDT-B of up to 300 °C. The test specimens were printed with a length of 35 mm.

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Hot Lithography®

Cubicure’s patented process Hot Lithography® for the additive manufacturing of polymer parts revolutionizes the possibilities for high-precision 3D printing. The aim of Cubicure is the additive manufacturing of polymer parts with outstanding impact strength and high heat deflection temperatures, while at the same time having the highest possible surface quality. To achieve these properties, materials are needed, which are highly viscous at room temperature and therefore particularly difficult to process – especially for precision applications.

The multiple patented technical solution of this process challenge was published under the name Hot Lithography®. This technology enables the usage of high-molecular chemical substances for a high-precision 3D printing process for the first time and consequently establishes parts with unexpected material quality. In the last years, Cubicure has become a pioneer in lithographic printing of particularly tough and heat-resistant parts.


2PP Hot Lithography®

UpNano has licensed the patented Hot Lithography® technology and adapted it to the 2PP process of the NanoOne platform in close cooperation with Cubicure. The aim was to establish Hot Lithography® as a retrofittable module to be able to equip not only new NanoOne printers but also all systems already in the field.

In addition to the hardware adaptation of Hot Lithography® for 2PP printing, which was the means to an end, the cooperation focused on the development of a material with very special characteristics. In material development, Cubicure’s know-how in tailoring the molecular weight, functionality, and chemical nature of the resins complemented the photochemical know-how of UpNano. This was the basis for the joint development of UpThermo and its establishment as a standard material on the NanoOne printing systems.

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UpThermo: first 2PP printable photopolymer for the manufacturing of tough and heat-resistant parts.