A well thought-out process down to the last accessory

Ease of use and intuitiveness are two fundamental prerequisites, which is why all NanoOne printing systems and add-on modules are supplied with a range of well thought-out accessories that facilitate both pre- and postprocessing of the print.

Photo: different UpNano accessories

Material vats for parts with up to 40 mm

Print substrates and holders in different sizes

Tool for easy assembly

Exchangeable stage inserts

Photo: Material vats

Material vat

The material vat is mounted on the objective, magnets at the bottom snap it into position. The vats are marked with barcodes all around, which are detected by the scanner integrated in the machine and compared with the settings in the print software. The material vat is available in two different sizes, matching the print volume and the substrate size.

Print substrate

For the vat mode, reusable glass substrates are offered in three different sizes. A square substrate with 10x10 mm edge length as well as larger sample carriers with 20x20 mm edge length and a 1" diameter. The two larger substrates are only compatible with the XL material vat whereas the small 10x10 mm substrate can be used with both material vats.

Photo: Print substrate
Photo: Assembly tool

Assembly tool

The glass substrates are clamped into a metal holder using the assembly tool. The metal holder can be widened and the substrate inserted with an adjusting screw on the side. The tool and the heights it provides ensure that the distance between glass and material vat is always constant. A three-point support also ensures planarity. The tool is compatible with all three standard substrate sizes.

Building platform

The stage inserts are interchangeable. The UpNano standard holder, a universal insert for 76x26 mm or 76x52 mm slides and samples with diameters of 20–74 mm and a well plate holder are available. The system also allows a wide range of commercially available inserts to be clicked in, ensuring the high flexibility of substrates.

Photo: Building platform